04dco's Server *** Serving 281 GiB of files and counting! *** Running FreeBSD 13! *** 1.9 Gbps of download and 730 Mbps of upload bandwidth available! *** FTP access available! *** Old browser certified! *** People who tell you "to upgrade your machine because it's too slow" are 99% of the time just bad programmers. *** Total Electron Death! *** Browsers refuse to remove old elements like marquee and that's a good thing. Too bad they killed FTP support. I guess useful features are considered "bloat" noadays. *** Spyware free! *** Available over Tor and I2P! *** If you need more than 20 KiB of JavaScript to display 3 paragraphs of text then you're failed as a web developer. *** Running your own email server is hard just because people say so. *** Social networking? Yeah, we've had that for over 40 years and it's called Usenet. *** Microblogging as well, but using finger (the protocol), I guess that's where FB's "poke" comes from. *** "Why use a single HTML tag when you can reinvent the wheel with 100 lines of CSS and get less browser support?", statements dreamt up by the utterly deranged. *** EOF
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Hello, welcome to my self-hosted website.
Plain text is beautiful!

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